Monday, May 14, 2018

Dear Taylor

       My kids and I have what I like to call a mild + healthy obsession with Taylor Swift. This goes back a good 12 years when I walked into the Nielsen home and the "Our Song" music video was playing on the tv. sold. Well I ended up marrying into this Nielsen family (not just because they introduced me to T-swizzle, they happened to have a ridiculously good looking's a love story...i said get the idea) So fast forward a couple of years, I'm pregnant with our first child and my dear friend invites me to a Taylor Swift concert...this was the Fearless Tour and it was everything I'd hoped for and more!  Two years later came the Speak Now tour and I went with my friend + sisters. We wore costumes + brought signs and I was pregnant with baby #2 ...and So delighted that both of my babies got to experience Taylor from the womb. (but not thrilled that it was extra hard to jump and dance without peeing my pants). My first born, Emmerson had definitely caught on by this point. Seriously! I created a mini-swiftie! She was of course Taylor for halloween...

(Emmerson age 3, Halloween 2012)

We had the Speak Now world tour video playing at our house on repeat for a solid year and then came the RED album and our obsession continued...maybe even intensified a notch. THIS is when people started making comments that I kinda looked like Taylor. Soon after the RED album was released, it was announced that Taylor was going to be performing a few songs on ELLEN and so OBVIOUSLY I needed to win tickets and take Emmy!! She was still so little, a concert seemed like a bit much, but Ellen would have been we made this video (below) and had everyone we know (and many we didn't know) enter to win tickets for us!!

We ended up getting tickets!!!! ...buuuuut we were told by Ellen's people that kids were not allowed to attend so I couldn't bring my Emmy girl. I went with sisters + friends and we were in the front and it was amazing and I wished my tiny sidekick could have been there. I went to the RED tour show in San Diego where my sister, friend and I (again) tried realllllly hard to get meet and greets. We had signs and we danced like lunatics...I also noticed a lot of people doing double takes and then eventually a few girls came up and asked if they could take a picture with me because they thought that I looked so much like Taylor. This happened a few times that show and it really surprised me. Was it true? Did I look like Taylor Swift!? I have brown eyes...and I had brown hair at the time. Well, a week or so later my sister and I got the opportunity to see her RED show again in LA but this time I thought it would be funny to take this lookalike situation up a notch and dye my hair a little lighter and wear a super Taylor-ish outfit. HOLY INSANITY. I spent a good hour and a half straight before the show taking photos with sweet swifties (some who were convinced that I WAS Taylor) and it was both nuts AND confirmation that I did indeed share some likeness with TS. That was fun and all, but then I decided to cut my hair. A few weeks later, so did Taylor and so I just continued to go with this whole twinning thing. 

Next up was the 1989 era and I had figured out that if I wore red lipstick, I would get Taylor comments all day long, no matter where I went. I had tickets for the San Diego 1989 show and still debated on taking Em. She was 5 by that point and begging to go, but I still didn't think she was big enough so I promised her that next tour she would DEFINITELY be coming with me. I wore my red lipstick of course because it was funny to see people freaking out and of course the crazy started almost immediately. At one point the line for people wanting to take photos with me was so long it was crowding the aisles on the field and security had to come and move people along.

After this show, my dear friend surprised me with Tickets to see the show in Nashville!! 4 of us flew out and it was definitely a trip for the books!! We had tickets to see the night 1 show and it was even better the 2nd time around...and I still continued the whole taking photos with people tradition! For night 2 of the Nashville show, we decided to head down to the arena to see if we could win tickets to see it for a 3rd time because, why not!? It was rainy and getting late and we didn't win tickets so we thought, well, why not try to sneak around to the back doors, pretend I'm Taylor and see if they would let us in. We got too shy to execute our plan, but we did chat for a bit and suggest they kindly open the doors for us. well, they weren't all that eager to let us in...unless we paid them!! That all sounded so shady and by this point my sister and I were already coming up with another brilliant plan, while our friends wanted nothing more to do with our crazy ideas and decided to go get food. My sister and I stuck around for a bit longer when a security guy came outside talking on his phone wearing a different outfit than what the others had on. Our new security friends told us this was the guy we needed to talk to in order to make things happen. We patiently waited until he got off his phone and my sister immediately started sweet talking this dude. He walked to the door with us and told us he REALLY wished he could let us in, but if he did, he would get fired....AND THEN HE WINKED, WALKED BACK INSIDE AND LEFT THE DOOR OPEN FOR US!!!! It was straight out of a movie. My sister and I just looked at each other in compete shock, our eyes were huge, we peeked inside the door, not a soul around, walked inside, up some stairs, through a door and we were in the hallway of the arena, free to grab any empty seats. We screamed and hugged and lost our cool just a little!! we got to see the whole show in great seats that no one ever came to claim and it was like a christmas miracle!!! ...Sorry Taylor, I owe you like $150. So that was that....and then Taylor decided to take a break...3 years go by + I had another baby in there somewhere and NOW HERE WE ARE.

The Reputation Stadium Tour. 
As promised,  this was going be the one I brought Emmerson to see and I can't even describe how special that is!! I surprised her with tickets to the Pasadena show night 2 on Christmas morning and I'm still kicking myself for not filming her reaction because it was priceless. SO much excitement! My friend and her husband also surpised their 2 girls (Emmy's BFFs) with tickets so we are all going together! This will be Emmy's very first concert (out of the womb haha) and I just know it will be pure magic for her. 
wellllllll....R e w i n d  to a few weeks ago, there was an extra ticket up for grabs for the opening night show in Glendale AZ  with my sisters and their friends so what did I do? I packed my red lipstick, jumped on a plane and off to the desert I flew!! We sang at the top of our lungs + danced like lunatics all over again and it was dreamy!! People lined up to take photos with me aaaaagain and by this point I'm realllllyyyyy thinking its about time I got to take a side by side with my twin (who actually looks like ME because I'm older). BEST show to date. (and I'm not sure if you've been counting, but thats 9 Taylor Swift shows I've been to now!!) 

THIS SATURDAY MAY 19TH will be # 10 and it will be with my sweet girl who has been inviting Taylor to her birthday parties for as long as she could talk, having Taylor Swift dance parties even before she was born and dreaming of this moment her whole life. 
I cannot contain my excitement for this long awaited night to unfold.


we went. we ate ice cream. and it was magical.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

hugs for rugs!

I have a serious love for a good rug. They truly spruce up any room in a house and just add an extra element of cozy + pretty! I literally spent weeks trying to decide on a rug for our family room and Boutique Rugs had exactly what I envisioned and now I am fully convinced that pretty rugs = happiness. 

Check out Boutique rugs for amazing quality rugs. Oh and they are affordable too! You'll feel like you're winning at life!

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P O K Fashion

THIS season is my absolute favorite when it comes to styling. Cooler weather + holidays...gimme alllllll the layers. Black and white + a pop of color always brings me joy and we love mixing higher end brands with affordable pieces. Emmy's Monnalisa shirt + Burberry peacoat, Hudson's mini Marc Jacobs hoodie and Hattie's Microbe dress + Burberry coat all come from P O K Fashion, an online shop that we absolutely adore! 

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